About Us

Savvy Social Studio is a social management service provided by RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES.

Our Story

RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES (RW&A) is a strategy, brand and marketing communications agency. Through our Savvy Social Studio service, we optimize your social presence while you focus on your business and career.

Simply put, we’re on a mission to help organizations and executives communicate strategically to achieve higher performance, productivity and financial success. We employ imagination, ingenuity and innovation to help our clients accelerate their success.

Savvy Social Studio is uniquely designed to help small business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, executives and professionals to build their brand, authority and visibility, engage customers, recruiters and industry influencers or market their products and services.

Renee T. Walker, APR

Renée T. Walker, APR · President  RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES