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Who will be running my accounts?

We only employ qualified content producers to create and manage content for our clients. Our social media experts create optimal content in order to connect with your audience in a meaningful and personal way. We take individual concern for each of our clients’ needs and believe you will notice the quality of the content we produce.

How do you know what to post?

Once we get your order, we will assign an account manager to your account dedicated to researching your business and acquiring vital information regarding your competitors and your target audience. Your account manager will use this information to understand exactly what your audience is looking for and then begin posting custom content for the specific needs of your business.

 You can always provide direction and feedback to your account manager by email at any time as we work on your accounts. We also will periodically check in with you to gather comments on your posts.

Will I still have access to post on my accounts?

Yes! You are free to continue posting and managing your accounts to whatever extent you would like.

What should I do when I have new products or specials that I want to promote?

We’re happy to assist you in handling any new products or specials. Please feel free to send them over to us via your private Savvy Social Studio client portal a minimum of 5 to 7 business days before you would like the information posted. We encourage you to email new information or guidance to us at any time via your client portal. We are here to make things easier for you!

Do I have to sign a contract?

There will be a short online letter of agreement for you to sign which will clearly explain the terms of service along with our obligations to you (performing the work promised) and your obligations to us (providing feedback and paying for our services). You are free to walk away at any time, but we require a 30-day notice via our client portal.

Can I speak with my social media manager on the phone?

Our Essential and Elevate social media packages support is email only via your private client portal. However, your business is important to us and we understand that sometimes you just need to connect as soon as possible. We’re also available via chat in our website at savvysocialstudio.com or by phone at 248.671.3872.

 For future reference, we do prefer that all content direction and requests be submitted via email, to keep a clear record that we can then add to your file. This is also the fastest way to guarantee a response! We also offer strategy calls in our Enterprise package. If you are interested in upgrading to this plan, please contact us via your client portal.

What if I need something more in-depth or other services?

We would be happy to assist you in any variety of other ways. We’re a strategy, brand and marketing communications agency that provides a wide array of services including advertising, digital, traditional and social media, marketing communications, public relations, website development, and much, much more.

Get in touch with us and we would be glad to discuss more robust ways to help you achieve your goals. For more information, visit reneewalkerandassociates.com.

Do I get to review the posts before they go live?

We offer the ability to review posts in our Elevate, Elite and Enterprise packages. You also are encouraged to provide content and guidance for your posts. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your package.

Why don’t these posts link back to my website/advertise my products?

Data shows that content marketing works best when a variety of post types are used, including links to non-competitor articles, facts, statistics, quotes and a host of other creative ideas. We usually post promotional posts each week, but if you’d like to change this frequency, you are welcome to request a different content calendar.

Why am I not seeing any sales through my channels? Why am I not gaining customers?

Social media content creation is focused on building brand awareness. Potential clients need to know about your business before you make a sale. That’s where we come in. We educate your clients about your product, service or business, and establish a rapport with them.

 We want you to appear as an industry expert, so we share content related to your business. We do NOT guarantee sales through our content creation, as this is much different and is called the conversion phase.